I live in Virginia and enjoy attending both red and black hatting events and themed teas. I am a Queen in the Red Hat Society - we usually dress in dark purple clothing and a red hat for events, except during our birthday month when we reverse our colors and wear red clothing and a dark purple hat. I love the gorgeous hats that East Angel Harbor Hats creates as they are truly quality, one-of-a-kind heirloom products. One of the hats I purchased from this company was in a beautiful dark purple color, the Rienne. Not only did I enjoy wearing this hat during my birthday month, but I also wore it to a Diamond Jubilee tea in honor of Queen Elizabeth where the theme was purple and white. After being invited to a Red Hat Queen's Coronation during my birthday month, I knew this beautiful purple hat was the perfect accessory to complete my outfit. I also have worn a beautiful ivory flapper hat, Lady Ruth, to both a Great Gatsby event and a Recession Tea. A gorgeous red tea hat, the Edwardian Lady in Red completed my outfit when I attended a tea at the Silas Burke Mansion in Burke, Virginia. The stunning Red for the Roses hat was my first choice when I needed a beautiful hat for a Go Red for Women event, bringing attention to women's heart health. After ordering a custom saloon girl outfit for the Red Hat Society International convention this year, I knew I wanted to have East Angel Harbor Hats make a lovely hat to accessorize my outfit. I chose the lovely Spirit of Tuscaloosa, which I found to be the perfect complement to my saloon dress. Pictures do not do East Angel Harbor Hats justice as the colors of each hat are so vivid and the craftsmanship first rate. No matter what the occasion, I know I can purchase a stunning and quality hat from East Angel Harbor Hats that I will cherish for years to come.
B.W.. Fairfax, VA

Hello Darna,
Today was my bridal shower and I must tell you that both my mother and I received so many compliments on the hats that you had made for us.  Thank you so very much for all your efforts in pleasing us.  I will send you pictures as soon as they are ready.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
N.G. Brooklyn, NY

I received the beautiful hat today.  It is Gorgeous!!!
Thank you for wrapping the box in plastic the Fedex guy’s truck leaked and the exterior of the box was wet.
Thank you,
K.C. Mt. Vernon, Indiana

Hi Darna,
I meant to send you a message when I got the hat, but things have been extrememyl busy.  I just wanted to let you know that the hat is beautiful!  Thank you so much!
B.A.K. Perkasie, PA

Hello Darna
Everything checked out wonderfully.  The hats are exquisite and I know every girl who enjoys the studio will rave about the hats. Again, thank you for all of your help and I hope to be able to send continued business your way.
V.W. Milford, Ohio

I love my hats, Darna.  I recently wore one to a speech for 700 women in North Carolina and it was a huge hit!
What a lovely thing to have done …
J.M. Madison, WI

Hi Darna;
She loves the hat, and it fits pretty nicely.  I don't currently have a picture of her wearing it, but we will correct that situation and get you a copy ASAP.

Quick FYI, hat came in.  Love it.  Will try to get photo to you when I dress for the party in a few weeks.  Have to run.
B.V. Saline, MI

Hi Darna,
Yes!  It arrived around Noon yesterday … and it is absolutely beautiful!  Everyone loves it!  Our event is Saturday, so I'll make sure someone takes a picture for me and I’ll send it to you.  Thank you soo much!!!  I truly appreciate your beautiful work and your efforts to make this happen so quickly!
Warm regards,
L.A. Tampa, FL

Marilyn loves the hat.  Has been wearing it to church since Easter.  Everyone raves about it.  Tried to send pictures - didn’t work - will try again.
D.S. Canada

The hats arrived this week, and Carolyn and I are both delighted with all three hats.  They are beautiful, and if possible better than the pictures showed.  We are looking forward to wearing the hats and especially looking forward to the compliments that they will surely bring.  Thanks you so much for the quick delivery.  We look forward to selecting more hats soon.
"2" Very Pleased Customers,
P.G. Magnolia, TX

Thank you once again for all of your hard work designing my Kentucky Derby Hat.  I cannot wait to try it on!
I will send you some photos after the derby so that you can see how awesome the hat looks.
P.L. Nashville, TN

Dear Darna … The gorgeous hat I ordered arrived today.  It is even better than the photo with it's bead fringe and color combination.  I love the cream flowers with aqua centers and topped with startling blue and cream plumes.  The small peacock feather in the front is fabulous.  The blue silk streamers are wonderful.  You really make a beautiful hat to pair with my Victorian wardrobe fashions.  I have a number of great hats and this will be a great favorite.  It must be wonderful to make these!  Each hat is beautiful in the various colors and styles.  The arrival of the hat was a nice occasion.  Your packing and presentation is lovely.  Thank you so much for such a treasure!
Well done with your cottage industry.
C.D. Virginia Beach, VA

Hello Darna -I received my hat and it is beautiful!!  Thank you -I know I will be envied. :)
T.C. Branson, MO

I have received my hat.  It is beautiful.  I will be attending a Red Hat Convention this weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I would love to send you a picture of me wearing your hat.
S.A. Charlotte, NC

Darna makes beautiful hats.  I have gotten so many compliments on this one and am considering a straw one.
MS. Betty Boop Irving, TX (Red Hat Society)

Darna, To say that the Lady Bug Hat was GORGEOUS is an understatement.  Our Queen was absolutely delighted.  She got the biggest kick out of the hummingbird.  Thank you for that special added touch.  What a fun box that was for me to open.  I was happy I had it shipped to me … because seeing the Queen (my dear friend's) face when she opened her hat box, was priceless.  Have a wonderful fun filled Christmas.  I will be talking to you again, I am sure.
Duchess Bubbles Fru Fru (Red Hat Society)
JS Whiting, NJ

We had a great time at the annual Dickens Faire in San Francisco with your beautiful hat!  I got many compliments on it … I told many people about your web site!  I'm so glad I found your web site … have a Happy New Years and thank you so much again for your creation!
L.S. San Leandro, CA

Everybody keeps saying the hat makes it and I avidly agree.  While the dress is different it’s the hat that captures the attention and defines it as a piece out and above the ordinary.
A.C. Garden City, NY

I received the hat today, 10/20, around noon.  It’s very elegant and fits perfectly.  I know I’ll enjoy wearing it, not just for my special event but all though the winter with my black wool coat.  I’m a real hat lover! Thank you for everything.
C.B. Gallipolis, OH

I went to Fed Ex to pick up my hat.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE - L.O.V.E. IT!
P.C. Redington Beach, FL

She absolutely loved the hat!  As soon as she opened the box, she and her guests squealed "It's just like the hat from ‘My Fair Lady’!"
L.S. Huntingtown, MD

My wife just loved it.  She was the talk of the red hat show in Saginaw.
W.W. Holly, MI

I just wish we could get a dollar for everytime our picture was taken this morning before and after breakfast.  The hat is a big success and it really compliments the dress.
V.O. Palmetto, FL

I received the gorgeous hat on Saturday.  It is so beautiful.  I need to get a picture and send it as soon as I can.  It is the first hat I've ever owned and it is exquisite.  You do a magnificent job.  I certainly WILL turn heads with this hat!  Thank you so much.
J.S. Colorado Springs, CO

My gorgeous red hat just came.  It is so pretty!  I tried it on immediately & loved it!  I can hardly wait to wear it.  I don’t know what to say.  So beautiful!  How do you say thank you for something like that?
A.H. Aptos, CA

I received the Victorian hat today and it is more beautiful than your picture shows!  Tempted to keep it for myself!  You might turn me into a hat-wearer :)
K. M. Charlotte,MI

Oh my goodness, Darna!  I just received my hats & I am thrilled with them.  I can hardly wait until Sunday to wear the one that is absolutely perfect for my suit.  You have the right color on the hat that matches my suit.  I can't believe it!  I am so happy!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Also, thank you for making the effort to get the hats here to me on time.
A.H. Aptos, CA

I bought my Victorian hat to give as a gift.  My friend loved it!  I'll be back to buy again!!!!
L.S. Moses Lake, WA

I called you last night to let you know I got everything yesterday — I have and still am quite sick so I won't be able to enough energy to type an email that does your lovely hat justice!  You are the one that went the extra mile and more to make this outfit truly special — just like your hats!!
D.W. Cambridge, NY

I did receive the Victorian hat yesterday (Monday).  It is Fabulous!!!
A.Z. Farmington,MN

Hi Darna!
I got my hat and I love it!!!  I just placed an order for 4 more hats!
K.G. Longbeach, CA

I went over to Pam’s last night to pick up my hats.  They are with out a doubt the most beautiful hats I have ever seen.  We are both thrilled over how they turned out.  You do an excellent job in every way.  Again … they are beautiful and we love them!!!!
C.R. The Woodlands, TX

The hat looks fabulous.  Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work.  I am sure that your hat will set off my outfit perfectly.
C.A. Danville, WV

The hat looks fabulous.  Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work.  I am sure that your hat will set off my outfit perfectly.
C.A. Danville, WV

Dear Darna,
The hat already arrived!  11:30a.m.  That is the fastest shipping I have ever received.  The hat is so more fabulous, the pictures don’t do it justice.  I would also like to add how refreshing it has been to do business with you.  It isn’t often that I meet people who actually do what they say they will, when they say they will!  I wish I had asked you to send some business cards which I could hand out at the Kentucky Derby.  I would be happy to do so if you want to send some!  Take care.
D.B. Chandler, AZ
P.S. I hope I need another hat soon!

I love my hat.  Thank you so much.  I got it Wed. but have worked everyday.  I am leaving monday morning for Kentucky Derby.
Thanks again,
R.N. Veneta, OR

Hi Darna:
The blue hat just arrived.  It is absolutely beautiful.  
D.P. Dallas, TX

Darna I just love my hats, I just keep trying them on, I can’t believe they are mine, they are so beautiful, you did such a great job.  I can't believe I have a hat named with my name on it.  I can't wait till my Red Hatter friends see my hats, I am sure you will be getting lots of new orders.
J.G. Franklin Square, NY

I got my hat!  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)  I just love all the feathers and how the hat comes down in the front.  Just lovely! :-)  I can't believe how real the flowers feel!!!  I can't wait to have our tea party now!  I'll send pictures!  Thanks again!  I'll probably be back for a flapper hat!  (I just LOVE THOSE!!!) :-)
A.D. Hillard, OH

The hat arrived and it is beautiful.  Thank you so much!  I know for sure now, that I will indeed win the hat contest.  Your workmanship is remarkable and I will definitely be a return customer.  Again thank you, it was a pleasure working with you and you were right the longer bow is definitely an eye catcher.
M.B. Drums, PA

I love the hat, I had a great time having tea with the ladies.  I’m attaching a picture of me in the hat.
Thanks again, it is beautiful!
D.H. Hanford, CA

Darna, my son-in-law took these pictures.  Everyone absolutely loved my hat.  You can’t believe the compliments I received.  I wish you could have heard them.  I felt like royalty today.  Thank you so much for making my day.  Hope your day was wonderful, too.
Happy Easter!
A.H. Aptos, CA

Hi Darna:
The hats arrived and they are even more beautiful than imagined.  Thank you so much for your stunning work.
The pink hat is PERFECT for the dress.  Now I think I may wear that one … just need to figure out a wrap …
More later … just wanted to dash off a note to say how wonderful it was working with you.
J. S. Tampa, FL

***This email is from Linda; she sent her photo and was recently added to the gallery.
Yes dear, that’s me!!!!  HEY, I am on top &heelip; my 5 min of fame!!!!!!   It looks pretty neat there, thank you!!!  Keep up the good work, I love this hat and will wear it often … it is perfect in every way and you really are an angel to do business with!  Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you wish … will keep in touch!!!
L. P. Harrison Township, MI

Darna, finally sending you a picture of myself wearing the hat at my son's wedding in Ireland.  I had so many compliments … people said I looked like royalty!
L.D. Nova Scotia, Canada

I got it Darna!!!  It is so-o-o-o beautiful!  Thank you so much!  It fits perfect and looks perfect.  I Have short straight hair and was a little anxious about how it would look.  Tomorrow I'm getting a perm so hopefully it will look just as good.   : Bless you a bunch!  Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas
C.G. Damascus, OR

I want you to know my precious package arrived safely.  My fiancee wanted to see and I was so excited, I showed him.  He said, "Wow, that is really different".  I reminded him it has to be taken in context.  He'll appreciate the total package.  You did such EXCELLENT work!!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope we will keep in touch.  I'm sure there will be more of your hats in our future.  Hugs!!!!!!!
MFD Pierre, SD

The parasol arrived yesterday!  I'm so glad to get it!  Thank you for the beautiful job you did on it!  The packaging of it was impressive, too.  Good job!  You do wonderful work!
M.D. Chicago, IL

Received my hat today, and it is beautiful, thanks.
Great shipping job, boxed very well.
P.Z. Richmond, VA

The SIT (Somewhere In Time) weekend was wonderful.  So many beautiful costumes and hats!  I received several compliments on your grand duchess - mostly from men.
D.D. Farmington Hills, MI

Fed-Ex re-delivered my hat today and it is SO gorgeous.  I can’t wait to wear it in December.  I can’t thank you enough for making such a quality hat.  Happy Thanksgiving.
B.G. Irving, TX

Oh my goodness, Darna!!!  How do you make it fit so PERFECTLY??  It is truly gorgeous!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The colors are just perfect!!  It is so light, and it fits so well that I can totally dance in it without having to worry about it falling off!!!!!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your help!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
W.L. Tustin, CA

I wore it for a wedding and had many compliments on it from lots of people and, of course, no one had a hat in any way similar to mine!  I love the hat - one of the nicest I've ever had - and shall certainly be wearing it again whenever I can.
C.W. Stilton Cambridgeshire UK

I received my hat today and it is gorgeous!  The quality and fit are superb.  You add a little magic and spark to life with your wonderful business — or should I say ‘ministry’ — as it truly is.  I can’t wait to wear my hat at our first Somewhere in Time weekend this October.
D.D. Farmington Hills, MI

Incidentally, I had the most beautiful hat at the luncheon and everyone wanted to know where I got it …
L.W. Miami, FL.

Just a quick note to let you know the hat arrived safely — in all its glory.  It is sooo beautiful — the pictures don't do it justice.
S.R. Raleigh, N.C.

Just wanted to let you know that my hat "Miss Pink Lilacs" arrived today.  What can I say … it is an absolute confection!  I am so thrilled with it … but who wouldn't be.
L.D. Chicago, IL

Hi, Darna
I just received the package today.  And, of course, I had to take a peek.  Looks gorgeous!
L.S. Huntingtown, MD

I love my hat!!!  It's beautiful!!
A.C. Escondido, CA

I received my hats today, they are just lovely.   My grand-daughter is just going to love her hat, I can't wait to set on the porch at the Grand Hotel in my hats!!!
S.H. Warren, MI

Absolutely beautiful Victorian hat … thanks!
D.G. Nova Scotia, Canada

Darna Happy Valentines Day!  My beautiful new hat just arrived.  It is truly a millinery creation.  My husband said it has such style and and character and I agree.  There is not enough adjectives to describe your hats.  I just adore adore your creations.

N.W. Victorville, CA

Just a short note to say I arrived back at home late last night and was delighted to open the box to find the beautiful black hat.  Thank you so very much. 

D.P. Dallas, TX

I received my lovely hat yesterday just after noontime … it is really beautiful!  I will recommend your shop to all and will be quick to tell anyone who asks from where I got my beautiful chapeau!  I cannot wait to put it on at the party next week.

M.M. Dayton, OH

Hi Darna - both hats arrived to me today, safe and sound, and they are both lovely!  I am torn between which one to wear, so I think I'll wait until the day when I have the full outfit on to decide.  Either way, I will treasure them.  I hope your business is doing well - it should be, you are so good at what you do!  I have been a hat person all my life and I have never seen such lovely hats, truly.  Thanks again -  

K.G. St. Paul, MN