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Our Kentucky Derby hats give you the glamorous and elegant look to complete your racing day outfit. The Kentucky Derby isn’t just about horseracing; it’s all about hats and fashion too. It has become a glamorous display of elegant hat designs as women from all walks of life show off their unique hats! As a designer, I take artistic license when adding silks, laces, flowers, feathers and sometimes whimsy to my Kentucky Derby Hats. My Kentucky Derby hats will shade you in pure elegance as you sit in the grandstands!

No matter what your style, our glamorous Kentucky Derby hats provide a look that will complete any outfit. We can design a special pink hat for you to wear at Kentucky Oaks, and it will be the perfect hat to enhance you and your outfit. You can choose from a wide assortment of silks, laces, flowers and roses as well as feathers which can be dyed to accent your Kentucky Derby Hat.

Finest quality handcrafted Kentucky Derby hats

"In HAT FASHION design, we must remember there's nothing NEW, only what's been FORGOTTEN and now re-created!"

Ξ author unknown Ξ

"Originality is not doing something no one else has done, but doing what has been done countless times with NEW Life, NEW Breath."

Ξ Marie Chapian Ξ

I offer gorgeous Victorian hats and Edwardian Hats perfect for any occasion including tea parties, church and weddings!  I now offer beautifully crafted Victorian top hats for both men and women.  I'm also designing Kentucky Derby hats for the ladies who enjoy showing their unique style. East Angel Harbor Hats can design the perfect hat to compliment your outfit when you attend the races this year.  The Kentucky Derby is held the first Saturday in May.

When you're wearing one of my Victorian hats or Edwardian hats you'll look and feel so elegant that you will in effect be transported to another time and place.  When you're getting dolled up for that special tea party, perhaps promenading down a lovely lane on the arm of your beau or becoming animated with pleasure as you dash off to the Kentucky Derby or Royal Ascot donning your hat for the sake of glamour, but also to shade your lovely face from the sun.  You'll transcend to another era; to an era of elegance, grandeur and total femininity.  Just placing the magnificent feather and flower adorned Victorian or Edwardian tea hat on your lovely new hairdo, slipping on the delicate lace gloves and reaching for your fashionable parasol, you'll feel a rush of delight as you become a stunning picture of a lady.

Reenactment is the rekindling of the past: cotillions, tea parties, and living history events.  The feature that all of these events have in common is attention to detail; to reenact it is vital to be in full-dress for the event; Victorian and Edwardian hats are the finishing touch.   Knowing what style of hat was popular during a specific period of time is important if your dress attire is to be historically accurate, and when I design my hats, I keep the lady who reenacts in mind; there are 1860’s bonnets and hats for the Civil War ladies and 1880’s style for the ladies of SASS.  I also design hats for the ladies who just love to wear red hats, purple hats and pink hats for the fun of it.

Queen Victoria

The Victorian era began in 1837 when Victoria (born 1819, reigned 1837-1901) became Queen of England … she ruled until she died in 1901.  Hers was the longest reign in United Kingdom’s history.

The Victorian hats of this era encompass an extremely large array of styles from tiny little hats that perched on your head to large and elegant feather and flower laden hats.  The utilization of flowers and feathers and even using whole birds became a near obsession with the hat designers and hat wearer of this era.

The following will give you an idea of the evolution of the Victorian hat:

The Victorian Era (1837-1901) began when Queen Victoria took the throne in England. The styles that followed gave birth to a fantastic hodgepodge of women's bonnets and hats.  The bonnet was the fashion statement of the 1840’s; a refined straw base adorned with tulle, ribbons, laces, artificial flowers, grapes, fruits, leaves, small birds, feathers, and ostrich tips; it had a modesty drape to cover the neck.  Women who gardened or lived in the countryside wore the wide brimmed Gipsy to protect their face from the sun.

The 1850’s saw the brim of the bonnet grow smaller allowing the face and the hair to show.  This particular style of hat began its insurgence into society by being worn by young women of the day, older women considered it to be unladylike and rather fast.  By the late 1850’s the riding hat was introduced and it was fabulously adorned with exotic plumes and ribbons.

The 1860’s also saw a change in the style of the bonnet; from the round shape to the oval spoon bonnet and with the new hairstyles, came the dainty bonnet that sat atop the bun.  The younger set craved even more daring styles: forward tilting pillboxes and porkpies.  On the seashore and in the countryside the gipsy and the straw skimmer which was a wide brimmed flat hat held in place by hatpins.  These remained the popular choice to keep the complexion peaches and cream.  The 1860’s also saw the emergence of the "very" wide brimmed Southern Belle hat.  It wasn’t usually accompanied by a parasol because it was as wide or wider than the parasols of this era.  The Southern Belle hat was worn by the younger ladies to picnics and promenades … also carriage rides.  In the movie Gone With the Wind, Scarlett O’Hara wore a Southern Belle hat to the barbecue at Twelve Oaks.

The 1870’s began with the smaller Victorian hats of the 60’s, but by the end of the decade as hair styles changed so did the Victorian hat; a scaled down version of the wide brimmed Gainsborough from the 18th century reappeared.  The most common material used in hat making had been straw, but now hats began being formed over wire frames and covered with velvets, silks, and lace.

The 1880’s saw the Victorian hat get bigger with higher crowns and a small version of the top hat adorned with tulle became the popular riding hat.

By the 1890’s Victorian hats were more popular than bonnets and the trim was wired to incredible heights, the more elaborate the better.  As women became more active, straw boaters and fedoras were being worn for hiking, bicycling and tennis.

The Edwardian period began when Queen Victoria’s eldest son, Edward VII, born November 9, 1841, became King of England; his reign ended in May 6, 1910.   This period saw the first phases of the larger wide brimmed Edwardian hats; although there were very many hat styles that were popular during this era, we remember it mostly for the wide brimmed Edwardian hat style.  This era also spawned the Gibson Girl hairstyle which also generated very wide brimmed hats that required hat pins to keep them perched upon the head.  The movie Somewhere in Time is set in the Edwardian Era and the costuming gives you an honest portrayal of the hats worn.

The Edwardian period hat styles actually encompassed the Titanic Era as well as WW I.  The hats virtually remained very wide brimmed although the hems were rising and ankles were showing.   Although this era is known for wide brim hats, Toque hats (a turbin style) were also very popular, Great Britain was having a love affair with the cultures of the rest of the world, especially India and Asia and the styles reflect this.

France was undergoing a period in style changes known as La Belle Époque (1895 - 1914) translates to "beautiful era".  This was a period of very opulent living with beautiful clothing and very excessive spending by the rich and privileged, however, this period saw an abrupt end with the beginning of WWI.  Below is a French postcard made during this period; it punctuates the extravagance of the styles.

Edwardian Hat

The period of time known as the "Titanic Era" was named for the British ship that went down in the North Atlantic April 14, 1912 when she struck an iceberg about 400 miles off Newfoundland, Canada.  This era saw an influx of truly large and even more elaborate hat designs; hence they were tagged Titanic meaning that they were colossal like the ship and these are some of my favorite hats because they're so much fun to design.   And although they are referred to as Titanic Era, these large and elaborate designs are also associated with the Edwardian time period.  The media had a grand time poking fun at these extravagant styles and this is a cute example labeled L’amour Discreet:

Titanic Hat

The Titanic Era was followed by WW I and the world was not focusing on style as it had been before … however styles for women were at the beginning of a major change.  By the time the Flapper Era emerged in and around 1926, the hemline rose on shift-like shapeless dresses and corsets became a thing of the past.  The stockings were rolled down below the knees and the knees were rouged.  The hair style became a close cut bob and although wider brimmed hats were still in style, the cloche hat which fit very tightly to the head became all the rage with these "modern" women.

I love delving into the designs of the more exotic French bonnets as well as the more elaborate and lavish styles worn by actresses, such as Lillie (Lily) Langtry (1853-1929) and Lillian Russell (1861-1922).  These more elaborate styles worn by the actresses of the nineteenth century were brought to life by actress Mae West (1893-1980) in her movies … such as Belle of the Nineties, Klondike Annie and Every Day’s a Holiday.   Lovely illustrations of the more lavish styled hat can also be seen in early twentieth century European postcards.

Below are links to my hat styles:

Designs by Darna Michie

East Angel Harbor Hats has been established on line since July 2002   We strive to make each hat or parasol as unique as possible!   Our hat designs are works of art!  Because each hat is handmade, the hat may vary slightly from the hat pictured.

The PBS series “Downton Abbey” has sparked the latest hat and fashion trends. The Downton Abbey Hat spans the Edwardian era through the Flapper Era. These hats encompass the wide brimmed Titanic Edwardian Hats as well as the cloche style Flapper hats of the 1920’s. Our Downton Abbey hats look great on women of all ages. You’ll enjoy choosing your hat from the ample assortment of Edwardian Hat styles. If you can’t find the Hat that you desire, please call me with your special order: 509-233-8007.

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