As connoisseurs of tea, we all have our favorite flavors…depending on the time of day or the dish that you want to drink your tea with…teas range from robust to delicate. To start your day you might try a black tea that’s high in caffeine and can be mellowed with just a touch of milk. I enjoy English breakfast with my omelets, sausage or bacon as it enhances the flavor of the dish and the high dose of caffeine gets me up and going. My grandmother always preferred the taste of green tea with her breakfast and she would add a touch of milk and honey to make my tea more to my liking.  

Keep in mind that it’s always a good thing to compliment your dish…so if you’re serving apple pie, a tea with cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves will really accent the flavor of the apples. When serving a dish that is citrus, vanilla or chocolate based, my favorite tea is Earl Grey…it was the Prime Minister of England (1830-1834) Earl Grey who made this tea the choice of the populace. Its flavor is made from the peelings of the bergamot citrus fruit.  

Edwardian Tea Picnic

If you’re looking for a black tea that isn’t as strong as some and goes deliciously with scones, biscuits or cookies, you should try the champagne teas Darjeeling. They are appreciated for their delicate flavor and aroma.  When it comes to teas such as raspberry, blueberry and many other delicious berry teas, the perfect pairing is with dark chocolate…the berry flavor accents the chocolate and vice versa.  

When we think about a cheese platter, we usually think about a fine wine, but fine teas such as Darjeeling and Green tea pair beautifully with hard cheeses.  Green tea has always been one of my favorites (most likely because of my grandmother’s influence when I would visit her as a child). 

Most recently, I discovered Jasmine Green tea and how wonderfully it goes with Chinese food, especially fish. The flavor of the tea enhanced every bite and it was almost like flowers dissolving in my mouth. I’ve tried this tea with other dishes, but for my liking it’s most awesome effect is realized mostly when eating Chinese.  

I’ve also discovered that most black teas pair beautifully with beef, bison and other red meats. While a lighter teas pairs nicely with chicken and other poultry dishes.