It has become a simple tea to offer for a casual ladies afternoon party. This is one of the easiest tea parties to hostess. It is a great one for inviting friends over on short notice for a relaxing afternoon tea party or for a casual tea in the garden, a tea for two, a book club meeting, or any other affair you would like to have a simple, fun way to entertain. 

Tea party menus can get out of hand quickly, so keep it simple and host a:

Light Afternoon Tea Menu

•  Tea Cakes or 

•  Scones or Tea Breads 

•  And a nice hot pot of tea.

That's really it!! 

If you'll notice, I put in -or- because you do not have to serve all items. One is sufficient. You may add another treat or a dish of nuts on the side, but tea sandwiches, extra desserts, and other foods are not normally included. Adding clotted cream, butter, and/or jam is also fully optional.

This is a tea where the only silverware required is a spoon for the tea if nothing else is served. 

Translation: Less prep work, less set up work and less clean up.