1. Wait to sit down until hostess is seated. 

2. Sit down in your chair from the left. 

3. Place your napkin on your lap. 

4. Adults or older children pour the tea. 

5. Hands remain placed in lap when not using them.  

6. “NO” Elbows on the table. 

7. Always use “Please - Thank You - and Excuse me”.  

8. “NO” pinkies in the air! (This is a very old custom which the ladies used to signal to one another their importance in society).  It’s actually considered rude. 9.  Stir the tea gently…do not bang the spoon on the side of the cup. 

10.  “NO” Slurping…just quiet sipping and pay attention to your tea until you set the cup back onto the saucer. 

11.  Ask to pass the cookie plate…do not reach across the table. Pass from right to left. Never take more than you can eat…it’s always best to ask for seconds. 

12.  Most tea party treats are finger food…so no need for utensil etiquette. 

13.  Chew with mouth closed and do not talk with food in mouth. Swallow   first… 14.  Keep the topics of conversation on weather, school or interesting things  that they’ve done recently. Polite Language No use of words such as “Gross”…”Yuk”… etc.