I would like to share a recent email from Nancy:

Sending you a few of my pictures from my 1920’s shoot 

with the hat I purchased from you.

I have always loved the 1920’s era, not just the fashion, but the cars too.

About 5 years ago my mother in law gave me some items that belonged to her.

Some of the items: mink stoles, jewelry, gloves, alligator shoes and purse,

but one thing was lacking, a beautiful flapper hat.

I had been thinking of doing a 1920’s photo shoot wearing some of the items she had given me to honor her.

Then I began the search for the perfect flapper hat.

I searched on-line for a person or company that could design the special one

and discovered East Angel Harbor Hats

Soon the perfect hat arrived in the mail and it was lovely.

I arranged for a Model T car to be included in my shoot.