Judy is wearing “Blue Crystal Fairy” to the Kentucky Derby

My Crystal Fairy hats are a perfect  choice for your derby hat.  You don’t have to put it on a shelf and  save it until another derby party.  It can be used again to wear to a  Victorian tea party, Easter Hat and even a wedding hat.  It’s airy and  comfortable and the tulle can be cut to any length…it can even be  designed with and extra feather instead of tulle.  It’s very elegant and  has a wide enough brim to shade you from the sun on Kentucky Derby  day!  It’s also designed in pink, so it can be a perfect hat for The  Oaks ~ the race held on Friday before the Derby. 

The “Crystal Fairy” hats are  designed over designer horsehair and they’re very comfortable and cool  to wear.  The crown is accented with my signature organza lace with  sequins and pearls.  Beautiful silk rose/roses accent the lace.  The  brim is 18 inches in diameter, which allows for a nice sized brim for  any occasion.