East Angel Harbor Hats are the finishing touch for your outfit! As of March 2020, I'm no longer taking "special orders" as supplies are difficult to attain because of Covid. Thank YOU!

East Angel Harbor Hats has grown steadily and with the insurgence of "ordinary" people becoming involved in re-enactment … it’s the catalyst for this growth.
"Re-enactment" is the rekindling of the past: cotillions, tea parties, civil war battles. The feature that all of these events have in common is attention to detail; to "re-enact" it’s vital to be in full-dress for the event; hats are the finishing touch.

East Angel Harbor Hats puts all of its hard-earned experience into every hat I design and create. I'm contented with my work … I love what I do and I stand behind it. If you’re looking for the story behind East Angel Harbor Hats and the stamp of a master milliner, this is it; I simply "love" designing hats. Whether I’m designing a hat for quality or designing it for uniqueness, I put my heart into it and I love to add feathers, flowers, ribbons, tulle and occasionally a little "Whimsy" (usually a bird or a bug) in order to create that special feeling for the new owner. Each hat is mine until you buy it and I design the hat with that in mind … if I don't "love" the hat, I don't expect somebody else to.
I began designing hats when I was fifteen years old. Twiggy was the height of fashion and Seventeen Magazine was my inspiration! I started out by spending fifty cents on a pattern by McCalls that included six different hat styles. I was the only girl in a school of nearly 1,000 students who wore hats to school; I admit that they incurred some teasing, but I loved wearing them so I didn't mind.
It was during college that I became interested in more period/costume type hats, so I began designing Victorian, Edwardian, La Belle Epoque (French) and Flapper style hats. I also like to delve into clothing and other accessories, but hats are always my favorite.
I live in the mountains of North Eastern Washington State! I believe it's the most beautiful place on the planet … the winters are long and snowy but the summers are worth the wait. I love to rise before the sun comes up and sit on my porch swing with a hot cup of coffee …
I'm a amateur photographer; I love taking photos of my grandchildren and my roses. I also love old photographs: wedding photos and wedding certificates are my "ultimate favorites". I also love children and baby photos. Little girls with huge bows in their hair. Little boys looking prim and proper in all their finery. I also love babies in carriages and children dressed up like angels. Of course … it should be no surprise … I love photos of people wearing hats.

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