Victorian Hats

My Victorian Hat style designs are influenced by the hats of the Victorian Era and I embrace the finery of this era in each of the hats that I design. My Victorian Hats are graced with beautiful ostich feathers, laces and silk flowers.  They're accented with luxurious bows made of silk or tulle. Victorian hat styles cover a wide range of years from 1839 to 1901, so there's a very large variety of styles for you to look at; including dainty and petite hats to large wide brimmed hats.  My riding hats which are designed over small brims, derbies and top hats are perfect for SASS (single action shooters society) events, side saddle events and weddings or where ever your imagination takes you.  They're also the perfect hat for your Victorian tea party.    

The Victorian era began in 1837 when Victoria (born 1819, reigned 1837-1901) became Queen of England: she ruled until she died in 1901. Hers was the longest reign in United Kingdom's history.

The Victorian hats of this era encompass an extremely large array of styles from tiny little hats that perched on your head to large and elegant feather and flower laden hats. The utilization of flowers and feathers and even using whole birds became a near obsession with the hat designers and hat wearer of this era.

The following will give you an idea of the evolution of the Victorian hat:

The Victorian Era (1837-1901) began when Queen Victoria took the throne in England. The styles that followed gave birth to a fantastic hodgepodge of women's bonnets and hats. The bonnet was the fashion statement of the 1840's; a refined straw base adorned with tulle, ribbons, laces, artificial flowers, grapes, fruits, leaves, small birds, feathers, and ostrich tips; it had a modesty drape to cover the neck. Women who gardened or lived in the countryside wore the wide brimmed Gipsy to protect their face from the sun.