Victorian Hat - Turquoise Crystal Fairy


What a beautiful day for an Easter Parade!  I'd been searching for the perfect Victorian hat to wear while walking in the parade and I'd found it!  There was a ever so slight breeze that made the tulle gently float behind me and the feathers flutter just enough to make the hat look as if it might take flight.  It was so much fun to prepare for this day and when I'd found the hat I wanted, it laid the foundation for my entire outfit!  The parade was a couple of miles long, so all I had to do was to find sensible shoes to walk in that wouldn't detract from my outfit.  I was so glad that I'd told the designer that the hat was for a parade, as she included an almost invisible chin strap to make sure that my beautiful Victorian hat would stay on my head no matter strong wind or not!


Victorian hat "Turquoise Crystal Fairy" is made of white designer horsehair and the brim measures a full 20 inches in diameter. It would look beautiful for that special tea party, church, wedding or Easter! It's adorned with an organza and velvet white rose. The hat band is beautiful white embroidered organza and it's also the rosette behind the rose. There's luscious turquoise and 2 white ostrich plumes sweeping across the front and side of the hat. The back has a really gorgeous sparkling turquoise bridal tulle bow that can be trimmed to any length you desire. This hat is will turn heads anywhere you decide to wear it!