Kentucky Derby Hat - Petunia Petals


There is great satisfaction in wearing a hat that is in the Kentucky Derby Style. The finishing touch to your appearance is the hat that you wear, and last year's hat, be it ever so beautiful, will not lend the necessary distinction to your outfit. Too great of care cannot be given to the choice of your hat -- it is in evidence more than any other accessory! Whether you choice be a large or small hat, the good style preserved by each of our models in not accidental, but the result of careful study by East Angel Harbor Hats designer. The shape of this flirty hat is a display of girlish charm!  So if you appreciate the importance of your event, you'll especially enjoy wearing this hat to the Kentucky Derby or any event that you would like to stand out in the crowd.


Kentucky Derby Hat Ascot Hat "Petunia Petals" is a beautiful 19 inch ruffled sinamay base.  The brim of the hat is almost like flower petals.  Two beautiful millinery roses grace the front of the hat; delicate satin leaves accent the roses.  There are goose biots as the backdrop for the roses and the side of the hat is accented with a beautiful ostrich feather and two petite ostrich feathers.  This hat will definitely turn heads at any event that you go to … especially great for the Kentucky Derby or a tea party!

***ALLOW up to 2 weeks for completion