Edwardian Hats

When you're wearing one of my Edwardian hats you'll look and feel so elegant that you will in effect be transported to another time and place.  All of my Edwardian style hats are reminiscent of the era.  I mostly focus on wide brim hats, but I also design some for the more demure in spirit, who'd just like a nice Edwardian style for church or a tea party.  Like all of my hats, I incorporate the finest of materials, using silks, laces, elegant and luxurious ostrich feathers and beautiful silk and organza flowers.  My hat bases range from Sinamay to organza for summertime and wool for the winter season.  A lot of my Edwardian hats are perfect for Kentucky Derby and Ascot, as well as other horse races throughout Europe, Middle East, Australia and the USA.

The Edwardian hat style epitomizes the elegant wide brimmed hat that perched upon up swept hairstyles (referred to as the Gibson Girl Style).  Tiny waistlines were still in fashion during Edwardian times, so corsets were a must. The contrast of the huge hats to the tiny waist were epitomized in cartoons and also on postcards. For a brief period of time, the hats became so large that they became the fuel for many jokes.

This era of hats were adorned with luxurious plumes, mostly ostrich, but also egret feathers. By the turn of the 19th century millions of birds were being killed by plume hunters; they were paid as much as 32.00 per ounce, which made them twice their weight in gold. Eventually the price rose to 80.00 per ounce. Women were named the enemy of the bird by the Audubon society. The feathers used in today's hats are what is referred to as “shed" feathers.

The Edwardian hat style is still desired today for re-enactments such as the Somewhere in Time event at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI.  Titanic events held each year in April, and Downton Abbey events held all around the world.   This style of Hat also grace the ladies who love to attend tea parties.  It's a style that has ingratiated itself into our hearts and also our minds eye.