Edwardian Downton Abbey Hats

Downton Abbey had six glorious seasons on PBS.  It was watched by nearly 10 million viewers and was voted one of the best mini-series in history.   Downton Abbey is a British-American historical period television series created by Julian Fellowes.  Everyone would agree that the costuming alone made the series worth watching! The hats were fabulous and all of the women charactors in the series wore a hat at some time or another.  Since the series started in 1912, the Edwardian hat was the style and when it ended in and around 1925, flapper era hats were the style.  The hat designs in my Edwardian Downton Abbey hats pages are dedicated to the series.  I don't copy the exact styles from the show, but with an intense study of the era as well as artistic license, I've created and designed hat that are true in spirit and design of the Edwardian era hat.