1920's Downton Abbey Flapper Hat - Spice Tea - Taupe


I'd been invited to a Roaring Twenties party! YAY! The day is finally here, so I slip on my 1920's style vintage fringe flapper dress covered with sequins and beads and rolled my socks down below my knees, gently I rub the rouge onto my knees.  I was going to this party in style from head to toe!  T-strapped heels, m pearl necklace and my darling little flapper hat was the finishing touch!  I even had my hair cut into the fashionable bob that was worn with the cloche hats of the 1920's. 


Flapper Hat Gatsby Hat "Spice Tea" is designed over a taupe sinamay hat base.  The hat band is Dupioni silk.  The roses are "old" millinery stock; velvet and organza that reflect the warm colors of autumn.  The back drop for the rose is delicate rusty natural coque feathers.  This cute hat is perfect for your Gatsby or Flapper event, a fall tea party, church or wedding!