Edwardian Downton Abbey Hat - Lady Ophelia


If you're searching for an Edwardian tale...set in stifled industrial Staffordshire in the late nineteenth century against a strong evangelical background "Anna of the Five Towns" (written in 1902 - at the cusp of the Edwardian era) tells of the courting of hard businessman Ephraim Tellright's daughter by prosperous and accomplished Henry Mynors. As her father's fortune grows so does Anna's understanding. She realises her legacy and responsibility for the possible ruination of her father's tenants Titus Price and his son Willie, who also loves her.

Here's one place to buy the book:  www.goodreads.com/book/show/4860.Anna_of_the_Five_Towns

In 1985 it was also written for tv as a 5 episode mini-series, although I've never been able to find it on DVD.


Downton Abbey Edwardian hat "Lady Ophelia" would have been worn by Anna!  She had that kind of style!  It's designed over a 20" wide brimmed designer horsehair hat.   The hat is adorned with an absolutely gorgeous hand made rose accented with organza ribbon.   The crown of the hat is wrapped in embroidered pearl sequin lace and 3 huge opulent ostrich plumes.