Edwardian Downton Abbey Hat - Lady Anna


I pulled my velvet wrap tightly around my shoulders and shivered.  There was frost still on the grass and it was past noon...very seldom does London see frost, especially this late in the day.  I was on my way to the museum to meet my friends from finishing school...supposedly we're all "ladies" now and ready to find ourselves a permanent situation.  Several of my friends now had engagements and would soon be married...another one vowed she'd never marry and be someone's property, so she had applied for a position at the museum and lo and behold, they'd hired her!  We were all meeting to celebrate her good fortune...  


"Lady Anna" is perfect for any event!  The hats shown are samples of the design.  The brim can be covered with either curly goose, guinea hen or pheasant feathers.  A gorgeous velvet rose accents the side of the hat. 

***The millinery rose will vary from hat to hat depending on the color that you choose.

Available in many colors, contact me if you don't see your desired color on the drop down list.