Edwardian Downton Abbey Hat - Lady Amy - Red


I love using feathers when I design an Edwardian hat.  It seems to me that most of the hat styles are accentuated by the use of feathers no matter what bird they come from: ostrich, pheasant, peacock, etc.  I was recently watching a documentary about Mary Pickford and she starred in a flicker (short movie) named "Hats"!  I've never seen this little movie before, but it's definitely on my list of future flicks to order.  The hat that Mary swooned over in the flicker was a fairly wide brim hat with a large bow in back, but The most awesome element of the design were the coque feathers and surprisingly to my dismay...the "WHOLE" bird that adorned the hat.  Now there's no way that I would consider using a taxidermy bird on my Edwardian hats (as in this day and age, I consider it totally gross), but yes, I do enjoy using feathers.  Even the PBS series "Downton Abbey" used feathers on many of their hats.  When you browse my Edwardian hat styles you will see most of them adorned with plumage.


This is a great blog about feathers being used in couture design:  www.thefeathergirl.com/


Downton Abbey Tea Hat "Lady Amy" is perfect for any event!  The hat shown is designed over a red wool felt hat base.  The crown is covered with red silk and wrapped with red feathers.  The brim is covered with red guinea feathers (there's a tiny touch of black as only the light feathers take the red dye).  A gorgeous red rose accents the side of the hat. A hat that is lots of fun to wear and VERY, VERY ELEGANT too!

***ALLOW 2 weeks for completion!